Stained Exhibition

10’ x 4’ Light Jet Print10’ x 4’ Light Jet Print
10’ x 4’ Lightjet Print

Mojo: Stained (2023)
Installation with two prints (10’ x 4’ each) and animation
Onassis ONX Winter Exhibition 2024

Stained is a multi-media installation from the world of Mojo; a fictional future where landscapes are shaped by Black culture. The installation uses snippets, sound bites, and still imagery from Kamal’s animated film “Mojo: Da Fringes” to depict the dream sequence of a rebellious tea master named Demetrius. Set in a fictional tea garden where gangs use colored flora to mark territory, two large stills portray a young Demetrius and his elder as he re-lives the memory of being reprimanded for his fascination with a blue herb; in defiance of the gang to which they belong. An accompanying animation captures an older Demetrius meditating in a lush red landscape as he processes his past. In a world where symbiotic relationships with technology enable Black Americans the godlike ability to transform geology, weather, and ecology, Stained is a small glimpse into the intimate life of one of its inhabitants. The piece re-frames gang culture as a landscape phenomenon and re-imagines those affiliated as environmental caretakers and tea makers.

ONX Winter Showcase 2024

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