Mojo: The Floods
Mojo: The Fringes
Mojo: The Blades
High Art Canyon

Mojo: The Floods is the first of a larger trilogy from the Mojo world set in a future where Afro-American values are the predominant forces behind ecological shifts and landscape transformation.

In this world the norms and benign behaviors of today are powerful forces that transform the environments of tomorrow. Rituals as unassuming as attending a cookout or producing music become drivers of vast ecological flux and terrain manipulation. Mojo is a fictionalized augmentation of the present belief that culture is what shapes our landscapes and terraforms our planet.
At The Floods, vast machines operated by music producers move over a flood plain landscape, using bass notes from amplified music to vibrate bodies of water. These vibrations displace the water so that it irrigates the surrounding soil, watering plants distributed by seed-dropping drones. The music film portrays a world in which automation has removed the need for manual human labour and landscapes have become platforms for self-expression. African Americans who were historically regarded as property, machinery, or technology now use techonolgy in the service of leisure and expression.